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PS Porttraining delivers  concept which links theoretical part of the training to the practical part: onsight demonstrations, case studies, simulations and visits.

PS Porttraining.lv seminars - standard and tailor made

  • High quality and efficiency, tailor-made module training  and retraining programmes for shore-based personal of port  terminals
  • Training in the largest European port training centers
  • Pre-auditing of terminals’ internal processes for preparation of tailor-made training
  • Training for work with dangerous and polluting cargoes
  • E– learning support for accessibility of training programmes
  • Assessment of competence level before and after training, certification
  • Support for attraction of EU co-financing for training


The IMDG code Amendment 37-14 becomes mandatory on the 1st of January 2016.

The requirement making container weight verification a condition for vessel loading will become legally binding on July 1, 2016.